Mako Consultants to Enjoy Relaxation in Dominican Republic

The Mako Consultants team will soon be heading to Punta Cana for an international R&R retreat. The firm's Director discussed exciting events that will be occurring at the resort, and also the importance of recognition.

Mako Consultants associates are thrilled to be heading to a rest and relaxation retreat in beautiful Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It’s sure to be an amazing experience, and Jeremiah, the firm’s Director of Operations, can’t wait to get there and explore all that the tropical destination has to offer. 

Along with the chance to connect with top producers from around the world, attendees will learn best practices from a variety of different markets. These contacts will help associates be more innovative in their approaches to developing outreach campaigns when they return to the office. What’s more, a large business network gives professionals more insight when it comes to identifying business opportunities and overcoming challenges. The knowledge that many people have access to will always be greater than what any one person can accumulate. 

The Mako Consultants team will also be enjoying a prestigious awards ceremony in Punta Cana, where industry leaders will be recognized for achieving significant milestones. It’s important for everyone to see just how much opportunity exists in the field of customer acquisitions, according to Jeremy, and the speeches that winners give are always motivating. This ceremony promises to be even more exciting than usual, as Jeremiah is up for two awards this year: Mentor of the Year and Manager of the Year! 2018 has been amazing, and Jeremiah couldn’t be prouder to receive the nominations. 

The Positive Impact of Mako Consultants’ Director Being Recognized for Leadership

Whether Jeremiah wins the awards or not, being recognized by his peers in the industry is a good feeling. Not only that, but knowing that his Mako Consultants executives will be there to see him win is an extra bonus. Seeing their Director being acknowledged for his leadership skills is certain to inspire them when they get back home. 

If Jeremiah does win, the awards will raise the profile of Mako Consultants in the Dallas business community as well. Potential national service partners and savvy career seekers alike will take note. People will be more eager than ever to join the organization because they’ll be sure to receive superior training and development opportunities. Anticipation for the upcoming Punta Cana trip couldn’t be higher and the excitement in the Mako Consultants office is almost palpable.

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