Mako Consultants Earns Top Places to Work Award From FBR

Mako Consultants has been awarded a Top Places to Work Award from the Fair Business Report. The firm’s Director discussed the impact that such recognition has on the company’s future.

Jeremiah, Mako Consultants’ Director of Operations, was pleased to learn that the firm had won the Top Places to Work Award from the Fair Business Report. “We are all proud of what our team has accomplished, and we’re excited about what is yet to come,” he shared. “For the second year in a row our culture of professionalism, philanthropy, and leadership development has made us the place to be. We are honored once again to be noticed for our impact in the workplace!”

Mako Consultants was presented the award because its leaders are committed to developing an empowering and inspiring office environment for their team members. To earn this recognition, companies must get 10 or more positive reviews from past or current associates within a calendar year on the Fair Business Report website. 

“It’s a prestigious award that is only given to companies that are committed to the development of their team members, equal opportunities for advancement, and open communication,” Jeremiah stated. “Other qualities that the Fair Business Report wants to see in a business that earns this award are strong coaching and mentorship, philanthropy, and a thriving culture.”

Mako Consultants’ Director on How Recognition Invites Opportunity

The Top Places to Work Award is more than just a nice decoration, according to Jeremiah. It provides Mako Consultants with an edge over the competition when it comes to recruiting top talent. “Sharp professionals always have a choice as to where they build careers, and they’ll use all available information to act on job offers. By winning the Top Places to Work Award, we provide tangible proof that joining our team is in their best interest.”

The benefit of this achievement doesn’t stop there. The Top Places to Work Award will also help Mako Consultants grow. Jeremiah explained,  “If our team members are satisfied and engaged, they will produce superior campaigns for the companies we represent as well. This will result in higher sales numbers for them and a firmer reputation for us. Other company leaders will notice the positive impact we make, and seek out our services. It’s an upward spiral that starts with a simple premise – create a work environment where people feel empowered and inspired. I’m proud of winning the award, but it’s what will happen in the future that really gets me excited!”

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